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I schedule appointments Monday thru Friday as early as 8:00a and as late at 5:30p. I also have appointment options some Saturdays and Sundays. For scheduling weekend appointments, contact me directly. Due to the pandemic, I am currently conducting all sessions via Zoom.

Many people like the convenience of Zoom, and for them Zoom will remain an option. And for those who prefer the face-to-face counseling experience, that will also be available. I'm eager for that time to get here!  



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Dr. Walley has earned his strong reputation throughout his nearly 35-year career by distinguishing himself as a "personal pastor," as someone "easy to talk with," and as a "professional and practical helper," to borrow language from those who know him well. The structure of
his practice is quite simple, as you'll see below. He practices what he knows best and confidently refers others to those who might be a better help. Take a look at the featured services below, and if one of them seems to fit your need, feel free to Get in Touch (above) to get any further questions answered or to check about scheduling an appointment. It's that simple.

Each Monday David conducts sessions in an office located in LifePoint Church in Clarksville Tennessee. To check appointment availability for the Clarksville office, please contact David via the Contact section of this website. Please include "Clarksville" in the subject line.

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Here for you...

Dr. Walley sees clients individually to work on personal challenges, quality of life issues, anxiety/depression, or any number of a variety of other issues you prefer to talk about with someone privately and one-on-one. These sessions are designed to help you focus on what needs to change to improve your life and your enjoyment of it. Many people want to talk about understanding who they are and what their purpose is. Others need to deal with tragic events from different seasons in their lives. Individual Counseling Sessions allow for privacy, respect, and honest conversation, all of which can help Dr. Walley help you move forward in a more life-affirming way.

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Here for you both...

Marriage (or Relationship) Counseling is designed to help couples partner more effectively to achieve the goals they mutually desire to achieve. Relationships that involve deep commitment can provide deep satisfaction or deep dissatisfaction. Before throwing a challenging relationship away,
Dr. Walley believes it is beneficial to let someone outside the relationship, a skilled helper, give you some feedback and help in areas where your relationship is stuck and ineffective. Good people in a relationship plagued with unhealthy, ineffective practices haven't yet seen what their relationship can be. Life can get better as your primary relationships improve!



Understanding how to grow...

Group Learning Intensives can help you with Making Your Communication More Effective, Actually Resolving Conflict!, and distinguishing between Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationships, among other things. From time to time this site will feature upcoming events, letting you know what you can expect from the event, the schedule, maximum number of participants, and cost. If preparatory work is required of the participants, that will be assigned upon registration. Most events are between four and eight hours in length, and will meet on a weeknight, a Saturday morning or a Sunday afternoon. As best as possible, the times are tailored to the participants' needs.

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How He Got His Start

Dr. Walley's reputation has developed as his career path has unfolded. After earning a Bachelor of Music, David turned his focus to a career in the helping professions. His first step was a Master of Divinity with a Major in Counseling and Psychology. While earning his Doctor of Philosophy, he worked on the staff of a large, historic church in New Orleans.

After graduation and two years as a consultant for a national publishing company (training people in the proper use of their counseling/support group workbooks), David joined the staff of one of the largest churches in Tennessee where he was privileged to start a counseling center, eventually called The BabbCenter, which continues to serve middle Tennessee, southern Kentucky, and northern Alabama.

Currently Dr. Walley is in private practice, originally in Hillsboro Village and now a little north of Nashville, an easy and pleasant drive. Zoom, of course, requires no drive, so for now an appointment is as close as your phone or laptop.

Please explore the rest of David's site to learn more about what he has to offer, and Get in Touch with any questions.

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On the personal side...

Dr. Walley and his wife Ellen have been married since 1982. Tennessee has been their home since the early '90's. Ellen works for a local healthcare company, and together they have three adult children, a son-in-law and a daughter-in-law.

The Walleys are grandparents to Shepherd, born in 2017, and Madeline, born in 2023.


David and Ellen are active and happy members of The Movement Church in Hendersonville.


And they are lovers of great coffee!

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I am privileged to enjoy a quiet, private office in a peaceful, restful setting. It is a place that settles me as I drive onto the property. Presently, the space is being renovated to make it a place you'll feel even more at home in as you meet to work through the challenges life has handed you. I look forward to keeping appointments in that space as soon as it seems wise. Until that time, Zoom is bridging the gap well.

My work is shaped largely by my faith and beliefs as well as my education and training. Know that my goal is to provide a quality, effective counseling experience that is characterized by confidentiality and privacy and leads to a better quality of life.

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Please fill out this form to the best of your ability. I must receive your responses before we meet for our session. 

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